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The new Optic TV app.


I received an email about your fabulous new Optic TV app and I just had to reply with my thoughts. 


I'm very disappointed with this new replacement for the previous app that worked just fine. I have the following issues with this new app on my iPhone 8. 


  1. When you open the app and click View Guide at the bottom the resulting page always defaults to channel 355. I then have to tap the channel bar to have it jump to the top. Very aggravating. 
  2. The scroll forward in the Guide view is not only choppy but 9 times out of ten I end up weeks away with No information available.
  3. When I click on a show I'm taken to a listing of all the available show times to watch and or record. the issue is that this can be confusing and often picks the wrong show time. 
  4. It now takes a minimum of three clicks to record a show. 
  5. What is "Ways to Watch"? and why isn't "On My Freaking 60 UHD" not one of the options. This leads me to the most dysfunctional part of this app item 6.
  6. Why was the decision made not to include the "Remote" function, so popular in the last app, in this app. By reading other comments on this forum its fairly evident that plenty users are upset with this bone headed blunder. My only guess would be that Telus Higher Ups want their subscribers to use more and more data and bandwidth to stream shows over their portable devices forcing them to add or upgrade their home plan. Oh for those less savvy users you better make sure your on WiFi at home or you'll be sucking up our data plan like Coke-a-Cola. Maybe all the suppliers are in cahoots.

I have been with Telus for longer than I care to remember. I switched from Shaw years and years ago. I thought I had died and gone to TV Heaven when your previous app came out. What a convenience to be able to pickup your phone, bring up the app, and switch channels without the use of a remote. What a dream it was to be able to view whats coming up next in the app guide and select another show without having the TV guide blocking out the entire show while you search for something else. Frankly I would rather Telus get rid of the on TV guide all together or have the option to use your phone or tablet instead but that, for the money we pay would be too much to ask I guess. It seems that it makes more sense to Telus management to remove features then add feature. 


Well thats my Rant for the day. You may notice, if reading this, that it sound familiar as I have Ranted about this before with no comment from Telus as have undoubtedly many more dissatisfied Telus Customer.