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Telus tv support

Just Moved In
I’m wondering why I had to call Telus C/S 4 times….. wait on hold all the time then when I choose a call back the call would not ring but go straight to voice mail starting that Telus called. My phone would ring so I could not answer it. And yes I got the text saying my call back was coming very shortly. This B/S went on for 3 months. New box was sent and installed. Only to be back on the phone with a rep in South America. The C/S reps were trying their best but my sports channel still kept freezing. They were at a loss.
So once more I called tv support and told them not to talk just listen. I explained I needed a home visit and one was booked.
Reagan the long time Telus tech dug deep and in under a hour figured out that my signal was on a network which comes from Edmonton and I’m in St Albert. Switched to a tower in St Albert Problem solved !!!! Tech Had to go down the street to Telus main box.
After I had booked the home visit I got a text threatening a $150.00 charge if it was a problem in my house. Never mentioned while on the call though.
I just want to say thanks to Reagan for giving a s….. he was awesome!!
Telus for making a CUSTOMER waste all their time and watching freezing oiler games and phoning C/S with no resolution U SUCK LARGE.
Telus tv support needs some work. Saving money for you means the customer suffers. All the technology in world won’t fix how fricken choked i am by having to go through what I did to watch what I pay for every month.
I hope this reaches telus big brains!!
Stop outsourcing jobs and put boots back on the ground here. Don’t worry about the money because telus customers will pay for it in the end anyway right. Telus score is 2 out of 10. Thanks Reagan.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry to hear about this negative experience, Dan. It's definitely not what we want to hear. If there's anything further you'd like to discuss you can always send me a private message. Also, if you're ever looking for further assistance with your service, you can reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook pages as well!