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Telus TV HDMI over cat6 using adapters


I have cat 6 wire run in the walls of my home between my TV(Sony) and my Telus TV box. I have been told that I can use an HDMI to RJ45 adapter. I have purchased one through Amazon(GEATSTAR 30M HDMI to RJ45 Network Cable Extender Converter Adapter). The picture flashes very briefly and then I   get an error message. I have tried this direct from the Telus box to the TV using a cat6 patch cable as well as on a second Telus box and different brand of TV(Samsung). I get the same error message. There are other adapters on the market, but before I spend more money I'd like to know if this is technically possible. Do any of you have any knowledge of transmitting HDMI over CAT5e/6 wiring? Thanks,dave49.


Yep I would guess the error is about the device not being able to display HDCP protected content. This is anti-piracy protection that the content producers embed in the stream to try and prevent people from recording content and distributing it illegally. Telus is a content provider, not producer. Legally they have to leave the HDCP protection on the stream. The problem is there are many different industry standards regarding HDMI compression and the handling of HDCP. The set top box and the TV link up using a process using a "Digital handshake" and if the HDCP is not crossing over properly they will not display a video feed. There are ways around this but it involves getting a HDMI splitter or similar device that features HDCP bypass. 

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Another picture to help clarify.


I can drop the cable down the inside of the fireplace, unfortunately there's a base board heater under the window, so the suggestion of a wire molding might be the way to go. I do like the brush wall plates.

The original plan was to have the Klipsch sub (not shown) in the corner with the media computer and Telus box on top. It would have been close to the 6 port data/coax outlet on the wall. The box under the Telus PVR is my media computer, running windows 7. We use windows media center for our pictures , music and a blue-ray drive for those increasingly rare times that we watch a disc.

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I would raise the baseboard heater by the thickness of the HDMI cable and run the cable under the edge of the baseboard to your media controllers in the corner.




I would replace the baseboard heater with a kickspace heater, and place a media cabinet under the window.


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Thanks again for your replies, links and suggestions. Lots of good ideas to think about!