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Telus PureFibre - regarding PikTV initial login (with new activation)


This is a message to outline an issue that seems to elude TELUS technical support.  I signed up for PikTV through Telus recent offer.  I installed PikTV app on my iPhone, iPad, and 4th Gen Apple TV,  I tried to login but was not able to complete login.  The status showed the "throbber" icon (the spinning wheel icon).  It doesn't get beyond this point.


I made 4 calls to techhnical support.  The first 3 calls did not provide any solution.  The 4th call, technical support actually tested my login on Telus end.  It was confirmed that the login actually was working.  This meant the issue was on my end.   I have Telus PureFibre internet.  I do not have any prior Optik TV service.  I only decided to try Pik TV due to the offer provided by Telus.  


Once it was confirmed that the issue was on my end, it didn't make sense but I decided to disconnect my iPhone from WiFi.  I then started a new session to login to the PikTV app.  The login was successful.  I then re-connected to my WiFi connection.  There is no issue now that I have made the connection.  I had to use my phone and HotSpot WiFi to the iPad and Apple TV in order to make the initial connection. Once logged in, these devices remain connected.


Does anyone have any insight to this issue?  My thought is that Telus PureFibre servers do not allow the initial login.  Once the connection is established, there is no issue.



Most of us on the Optik TV forum have Optik, not PikTV. It's a different product and most people wouldn't have both.

You might have some people that have experienced your issue before if you post over in the Pik TV forum.

Thanks!  I wasn’t aware of the separate group.I will definitely check it out.