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Telus Optik TV Hack - netflix parental control hack - flaw


***** Confirmed to work on a Telus Optik TV Cisco CIS330 set-top box. *****

( trying to drive attention and traffic to this flaw to increase the importance of a fix )


 If you set the maturity setting to something (eg. PG-13) or set to Kids experience in your profile manager. It will set that profile to the correct setting but the bug is in the profile edit feature.


So when you start up netflix on your optik TV box you are presented with profile selection. below each profile is the edit pencil. select the pencil below the profile you just set. You will have 3 selections Name, Picture, and Start Experience. Select start experience and choose Kids then select done. Now go back into your profile edit pencil like before and select start experience and choose Netflix then select done.


Now check your profile you just unlocked the parental controls without logging into the web interface. BUG.........