Telus Light TV Package


Telus Light TV Package

Hi, I subscribed to the Telus Light TV Package & also added the North American News Package too. One channel I don't get is the CBC News Network channel. What package does CBC News Network fall under?




You should have gotten CBC Network News if you went for the Lite Plus A package. Here is a link that gives you the instructions to navigate through the complex mess that Telus has used to effectively hide their Lite Option.


When I follow it, the Lite Plus A which is $7 extra should include the CBC News channel as well as the big US network channels. 


But if all you really want is CBC News, you are probably better to go with the Essentials package for $33, which includes free installation and free hardware rentals. Your Lite Plus A will cost $32, but you will be paying for hardware and installation. It will end up costing you much more. Perhaps Telus will let you switch to Essentials. They really do not want to sell the Lite package anyway. 

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CBC News Network is contained in the Essentials TV Pack. You may find it cheaper to buy the Essentials pack with or without the North America news Pack, instead of the Light package to get the channels you want.


You can also stream many news channels.



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