TV picture is smudgy and low detail


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When watching any content with fast motion there is a ton of pixelization, almost as if I was watching an internet streaming video from 2012 and not a cable box, it's really bad. I have everything properly set up. The bitrate combined with the codecs Telus uses are causing a very poor experience. It's not only Telus; the other cable providers in the area have similar problems, but Telus is the worst. PLEASE raise your bitrates so we can get what we pay for. Quality TV, otherwise what's even the point when online streaming can provide HIGHER QUALITY than 'wired' cable LOL

same, problem, feels like crap! the pvr is ISB 7150 and dual band WEB6000Q the 5ghz is so bad and the pvr needs more speed and storage for new fall tv shows! feels more like 2010 when my mother sign up just the before the olympics and i think that when they went to analog to digital! they to need go to super digital!


Just got my set top box replace about in july with the same CIS330 is there a new set top box out or coming to a release? my box it frozen right now! tho i just hooked up my old acer aspire 5750 from 2012 with lots of updates going though my 8 port dlink switch... witch has the laptop, asus gaming pc, xbox one, canon laster printer and box


I can assure both posters here that there are technical faults with your services, either in the "last mile" or in your homes. You need to contact CARE 310-MYTV or 310-2255 and report the issues, ask for a repair visit.

Without knowing whether you are fibre or copper customers and without knowing the method of connecting the boxes in your homes there is virtually nothing we can do through this forum. There are many details we need to know before offering suggestions here. Such as; have you disconnected and reconnected any equipment? Are the boxes connected to the gateway by coax, CAT5e or wireless? How are the boxes connected to the TVs? Does the trouble affect one TV or all? What make of TV do you have? Are the boxes video output setting compatible with the TV type and format? How is your internet performing? Are you consuming large amounts of bandwidth with gaming or torrents thereby leaving very little for the TV streams?

These are just a few of the questions repair techs have to answer when they attend.

But I will assure you, the is nothing wrong with "bitrate" or STB type or headend distribution. 

Please call in and report the problems, they can be solved.