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My TV keeps freezing then going black before the show eventually resumes. Been happening on every channel and have tried restarting the box. Can anyone help?
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Restart your modem/gateway first. Then reboot the TV boxes one by one after that starting with the PVR. If that fails, call Telus. There could be an issue with the connection. Smiley Happy

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Call technical services first after programming freezes.  The tech will go through the same steps and they may be able to see a cause with your connection.  I had an older HD box and went through a freezing signal a few times. A service call was made and the HD box was replaced as was the modem..

Having exact same issue at parents place. Happens on all cable channels. The show will freeze, go black, then come back up after half a minute or so.

Other HDMI inputs to the TV don't have this problem, and it affects all TVs in the house using cable, so it's almost certainly an issue on Telus's end. Or something got screwed up in the cable box.

Perhaps something caused by the windstorm / various power outages last night and today?