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TV Programming

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I have been a customer of Telus for over twenty years..I am becoming very disappointed in the programming that is being offered.  I pay top dollar for regular programming.  At present I get approximately 4 months of regular programs and the rest of the year all I see are repeats of the same shows..It appears that  I am paying double for the same shows.  If cable television wants to maintain their customers maybe you should be discounting the shows that you repeat as we have paid for them already.  I am presently considering other options as the cost of cable is becoming to expensive and am not getting the type of service that I am paying for..


Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly you (we) should complain to the CRTC, and the content suppliers? Unfortunately Telus is only the pipeline, and has little control over the content, the pricing, or to some extent, the bundling. This means we get a bunch of pablum, and very little steak. This issue has been a problem for decades, and is well known. Seems the only way it will be addressed is by us as consumers moving away from the current smorgasbord model to an ala carte model - likely by internet delivery of streaming content.



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CPU Alum

I guess it depends on what you want to watch and also what channels you have paid for.


If your needs are basic... many consumers get by with ATSC antennas and are happy with local OTA content.  I had this for my backup TV's for many years.  Then I discovered Telus Optik wireless boxes, but that's another story.


I agree with @NFtoBC . The only thing we can do to bring down TV costs is complain to the CRTC or competition bureau. TELUS is one of the only large TV providers that doesn't own it's own content. Bell, Rogers, Shaw all own one or more media company. I guess we could complain to them too. haha 

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