TV Interference


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I'm directing this question to ham radio operators, telus employees that are ham radio operators, telus employees who know a ham radio operator, or anyone that has had an issue with interference on your TV from a nearby radio transmitter.


I've been a ham radio operator for almost 40 years.  My radio station is always maintained and I've never had any TV problems until last last few months.  I've had OPTIK TV for almost 2 years, and until a few months ago, never had any issues in the house with either TV set.  Now, for whatever reason, I interfere with the Samsung LCD TV set upstairs.  I've changed all the cables in my radio room with new cable, I have the proper filter for preventing interfering frequencies with TV sets and have all radio gear properly grounded.  This setup has served me forever, and until recently, me and my hobby and those watching the television set, co-existed with no problems.  The TV set was purchased about 4 years ago, and as mentioned hasn't caused me any problems.  Why now?

If there is a filter that can be purchased, I'll do so, does all the TELUS hardware need to be replaced (had that happen about 1 1/2 years ago) and replacement components have been trouble free until this problem cropped up.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed,  feel free to not only contact me on this forum, but email me at home .  I need this problem resolved.

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Hi Graham,


Is the TV feed pixilizing or stopping/stuttering on all or specific channels? Do you get the same issue if the radio is powered off?  If so, it'll be best to get in touch with TV tech support at or by calling 310-6988 to check if there's an issue with your TV box connection.