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Just Moved In
I see now that Peachtree is now included in the Superstations pkg which we have yet has not been added to our service????

Also your pkgs and bundles have changed so much.. Superstations were always included with the Movie packages and then when we transferred to the Crave pkg Superstations were and are again included.

If changes are made with the new deals on new pkgs as you no longer have the 8pk.. Will Superstations still be included with the Crave/HBO pkg?

According to their channel listing, it does appear that the Superstations are included with the Crave/HBO package but only four of them, excluding Peachtree and some others. From my review, one of them is included in Essentials but since channels in Essentials are very geographic specific, this may not be applicable to everyone.

Reading this post prompted me to switch out my Superstations package since they are included with Crave. I am a new subscriber to Optik & the rep should have reminded me about this as it is pointless to subscribe to Superstations when I get them included with Crave which I took on Telus’ current promotion.Tried the online switcheroo and it worked fine. It does look like ALL the superstations are included except for Peachtree.