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Sports in 4K is INCREDIBLE!

Friendly Neighbour



I ordered the Sports package along with the free 4K preview and the quality difference from HD broadcasting to 4K is like seeing standard def vs high definition all over again. 


Now there really isn't much on playing on the three 4K sports channels. Sportsnet has 2 of them and TSN has one 4k channel. Only the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs are in 4k and its only for a few games. I believe they have to be home games as well as Toronto seems to be the only place with 4k cameras for live broadcasting.


Now if there isn't a live game playing a lot of the time there is reruns of games on those three 4k channels but they don't look like 4K. I say this because I'm watching the Toronto Raptors vs Chicago Bulls live right in 4K and its like RAZOR crisp. The clarity is beautiful!


There seems to be other events on those three channels like soccer, poker but they weren't live and didn't seem like 4k. I'm not certain but I can tell you they were soft compared to the Raptors game.


Not only the Raptors game super sharp, but the colors have more pop, the motion handling is way better with less blur. 


I really hope we get the NFL in 4K and all hockey games in 4K soon but I'm thinking that won't happen until 2020 at the earliest. I've heard people say there isn't a need for 4k sports but when you watch it on a 65" screen or bigger there is a colossal difference ! I think part of this too is the 720/1080 games can be highly compressed on tv compared to something like a bluray movie. So compression artifacts and the lower resolution stretched out on larger and larger screen amplifies this.


Anyway, I wanted to give some insight and impressions on my experience with Telus' 4K sports for those wondering as it was made available last year and I have not come across any reviews on it.  Overall I'm impressed even though the content is very very limited.



You're tempting me to switch to 4K but there isn't much 4K sports content available. Did you also get Internet 50 as well?



Toronto Blue Jay Home games are televised in 4K also.  When I had All Channels listed last week Love Nature 4K and BB Earth 4K were showing up but now.


What is the cost of 4K sports?