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Speed Channel

Just Moved In

Speed is no longer available as part of my package of channels.  Will Telus be providing an alternative channel, or will subscribers be receiving an all new, lower price?



Yes, I am being sarcastic here.......


The great news is that Telus will be dropping all sports channels, resulting in a $20 per month drop in price. No more hidden subsidies for sports channels, resulting in the customers reaping the benefits.


Coming soon, those 20 Canadian specialty channels that all play practically the same content will be rolled into one and thats a $10 monthly savings.



Now being not sarcastic....


CRTC pretending to be bring about Alacarte channels to cut subscribers costs. Along with forcing more Canadian content(for your heritage protection) by potential blocking of all unfiltered U.S. channels(that cut into Rogers/Bell/Shaw media corporation's ad revenue). There is no law saying the Canadian cable TV companies have to carry any U.S. channels. The Canadian consumer gets shafted.