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Spanish Channels


Why Telus does not offer any 100% spanish speaking channel?


It is almost impossible not to take it personal when you realize that in Canada there is roughly the same population of spanish speakers than punjabi speakers and Telus offers a huge variety of punjabi speaking channels, when they have clearly neglected their spanish speaking customers.


A good way to start to fix this problem would be to offer at least one of the channels that other providers have been offering for a while: TLN en Español and Univision Canada.


Bell, Shaw, and Rogers TV have been offering this two channels for a while, which makes me think that demand for spanish programming does exist, otherwise no provider would offer this channels to their customers.


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If there is little demand for the spanish channels, they won't get added. If you want to see them added, and you can get a good number of people to email in requesting them also, email and request those channels.


The Spanish speaking population is much smaller than the southeast Asian community in most cities with the exception of Montreal and Ottawa. Not sure where you're getting your information from. See:  The western Canadian cities have smaller Spanish speaking populations, especially Vancouver.



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If the problem was the size of the spanish speaking population I would understand it, but that does not seems to be the case.


For example, the polish speaking population in Canada is less than 200,000 people, ( ) That is 3 times smaller than the spanish speaking community. And if we talk about western Canada, in Metro Vancouver (which is the largest metropolitan area on the west coast) Polish doesn't even make it into the charts of spoken languages on the region, ( ) even on the table you showed me, polish just appears on 11th place on Edmonton, Spanish appear in every single one of them:


Toronto 8th place

Montreal 2nd place

Vancouver 8th place

Calgary 4th place

Edmonton 5th place

Ottawa 2nd place


However, Optik TV does offer 2 channels with 100% polish speaking programming, and does not offer even one channel with 100% spanish speaking programming.


The same thing happens with russian speaking channels, Optik TV does offer russian speaking programming to its customers when the population size in Canada, including metropolitan areas, is smaller than the spanish speaking community.


Let's face it, the demand for spanish speaking channels does exist, that's why other providers have been offering this channels for a while (Bell, Shaw, Rogers TV). The problem here is Telus has neglected the fast growing spanish speaking community, and its spanish speaking customers. That's why one of the most popular posts in this forum deals with this same problem: spanish speaking customers asking to be considered and fix this problem.

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Quoting Canada wide stats for a service available in BC and Alberta does little to support your position.  In some instances, the stations on a cable / sattelite feed are present because the STATION negotiated their presence on the network, and sometimes pay a fee to be included.


Are the channels you are interested available by streaming?


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