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My 5 year old Sanyo TV won't sync properly with he slimline remote for some reason it made my channel button power and my power button menu for t v and just wrong all over anybody have this issue?


It may be a good idea to do a full factory reset of the remote and start over.

Here are the instructions for the reset:

1. Confirmed the remote is in TV mode, by press Mode until the light next to TV is ON.

1. Press Options for a minimum of 3 seconds. LED will flash Twice.

2. Enter code 1000. LED will flash Twice


After this is completed, try to program the remote again:

Nope still pick the wrong code when going through Sanyo and won't let me properly control tv and if I go through other it goes through like 4 red blinks then lights up optic tv and aux do u have just the codes for Sanyo? The old remote worked with this tv but that remotes volume button doesn't work Smiley Sad
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I also got a customer having problems with the SlimLine remote on his Sanyo TV. We tried the 2 digit codes, factory reset and all 4 digit codes. When it works (it doesn't actually work) what the power button does is turn the tv off and back on immediately and is asking for a factory reset.

I think it's compatibility issue oftheRuwido with Sanyo.

Also lots of customer are havingcompatibility issues with Ruwido for their tvs.

Maybe it's time we look for a new remote??

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Field technician here. Sanyo has never worked properly with the Ruwido Slimline remote. You'll need either an older Cisco remote or a third party universal remote for it to work.