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I've got the power cord and the HDMI cord installed between my tv and Set-top ISB7000. The Ethernet cord left by the technician is a 5E. It fits into the network spot in the set-top but does not fit into the wall plug. What am I doing wrong? Do I have the wrong cord?
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The ISB7000 requires a Cat5e network cable connection or coax (hpna) one or the other. Unless your home is wired for Cat5e with terminated jacks you simply can't plug it into a wall outlet.

Your home is more then likely wired for telephone and coax. If your Telus gateway is located by the ISB7000 plug the Cat5e cable into a port. Seeing as it's not attached I assume your box is working with a coax cable with HPNA.

You stated a tech left you a Cat5e cable.

- Did you just get services installed?
- Is the Optik TV working?
- Have you moved the box from a previous location?

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