Satellite TV HD channels not working


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Is there a reason the HD channels have been down the last two days on our satellite tv? None of them are working it gives the following error message - your satellite signal is temp unavailable with satellite 82 and transponder 26. Every chancellor gloves this message. Why? It was fine 2 days ago

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee



Something may have gotten in the line of sight for Satellite 82.  If the dishes are accessible you may want to make sure there isn't any snow on the dish.  If the problem continues you may need to call Telus to have a technician sent out to re-align the dish.

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Sounds like an alignment issue with the dish. Or possibly a switch issue depending on the installation needed for your household.

If there was high winds it could misalign the dish. Even as little as 1/8” can cause it to lose lock on the satellite.

Best to give Telus a call to help troubleshoot further.

Edited: Also check what @MTL_Dave suggested if you live in the snow belt.

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