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Satellite TV Guide issue (resolved)

Community Power User
Community Power User

Sometime Sunday an change occurred inthe behaviour of our satellite PVR. We have the Guide set to enhanced with the video displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. When crossing a page boundary, (page up, page down or scrolling by single channel) the guide disappears, leaving only the video inthe upper right corner. In a few minutes the PVR reboots, and resets to the satellite then downloads the guide again.  I did a manual reboot twice with no change, then called Telus. The Tech went through a few steps with me, and ultimately determined that the PVR should be replaced, so I am awaiting a fresh unit.


Here's the funny thing though: I was talking with a friend today, and he commented that on their return home Sunday, they TOO experienced exactly the same issue, but found  using the basic guide did not cause the reboots.


Anyone else experienced  this guide behaviour, as I feel it very unusual that two users experienced identical PVR faults at almost the same instant, and am wondering if a software update was pushed out over the weekend causing this problem.


EDIT: And this morning (Tuesday) it is back to normal.

FURTHER EDIT: Worked for a while, then didn't. New PVR arrived Friday, and was installed Saturday. Telus Tech very helpful.


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