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Sanyo tv with telus remote

Just Moved In

Hi, I just bought a Sanyo 40 inch smart tv.  I am using the Telus slimline 2 remote.  I have programed the remote for the Sanyo tv and it works fine, volume up/down, tv on/off.  But when shut down for a period of time the tv will not turn on.  I have to use the Sanyo remote to turn the tv on and then the Telus remote will again work properly.  I there any way I can fix it so that I do not have to use the Sanyo remote.  My LG tv does not have this problem.  I could really use the help in solving this problem.



Try programming in a different code.

Thanks...tried that but did not help.

Did you try all these codes for the Slimline 2?


Sanyo 1663 1910 1667 1402 1666 1376 1429 1665 1423 1657 1450 1669 1904 1831 1638 1422 1375 1136