Samsung Soundbar not syncing to Slimline 2 Remote


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I recently purchased a Samsung TV (NU8000) and sounder (HWN550).


I was able to sync the TV so the optic remote turns the telus box and TV on/off, but it will not control volume at all.


What are the code (s) to program the soundbar to I can control volume with the slimline remote?


I believe it should work as my other setup (Panasonic TV, Yamaha Soundbar) works perfectly where the slimline remote turns the box, soundbar, and tv on/off and controls volume.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Keep in mind the slimline has the AUX for receivers where the slimline 2 does not. It will control the tv and optik only.


You mention in the title slimline 2 remote then further in your post you mention slimline. Which one do you have?

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