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Running Optik tv through xbox one

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Hey, so i bought and xbox one close to a year ago. And I hooked up my tv through my xbox. I didn't have any problems for the first 6 ish months. But since then, I've had to swap out 3 HDMI cords. The tv will work for a couple weeks, and then it gets all choppy and pixilated with choppy sound. But when i plug the box directly to the tv, the pixilation and choppy video and sound stops. Im not sure if its the input/output on the xbox. or the HDMI cord....

Anyone else had or seen these problems?


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Community Power User
What happens if you connect the PVR directly to the TV with the HDMI cable?
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I’ve recently run into a similar issue. I’ve always had my Xbox on wifi, however I bought a network switch and now my Xbox one and Optik4k pvr share the switch. The Ethernet cable then runs directly to the modem. When my Xbox is connected to the switch the pvr becomes pixelated and sound drops out. When I disconnect the Ethernet cable from the Xbox it works normally. So there is an issue with either the switch or the Xbox sharing the Ethernet with the pvr. So it sounds to me like its not your HDMI. What happens when you connect your Xbox to wifi?

tv works fine when i do that. but then i cant use my xbox


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As from you, what im thinking is this, the Telus Box is connected to Xbox that goes to the TV?

So does  it means your using the Xbox as a bypass to communicate to the TV?  ( dont know if im right though ) 


just to add,

based on my experience before, i use a 4k surround system as a bypass, coz i'd like the sounds coming from it, just notice the TV stops working and providing pictures as day goes by,  whenever i connect the Telus box directly to TV it work fine.

I ended up making an new connection and not to use the 4k surround system as a bypass anymore coz its no longer working.

the thing is i have to turn on the Surround system as well if im going to watch TV. 

i think these devices were not perfectly built for that kind of system yet, even you Xbox. 


I'd rather get an HDMI 2.0 Cab le  connect it to xbox ,  and a HDMI 2.5 Cable and connect it to the TV 


Just saying 😄