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Replace Satellite TV with OPTIK TV on the GO

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We currently subscribe to Shaw Satellite TV seasonally.  TELUS Satellite is not accepting new clients.  If we cancel our Shaw Satellite TV, will be able to connect an iphone or ipad to our TV in our trailer and sign into Telus TV Optik on the Go and use data data either from our phone or by buying a HUB to watch TV?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You would require a Telus internet connection and Optik TV. You would then have access to the optik on the go app. You won't be streaming much TV on a mobility account as it's a heavy bandwidth consumer (Data). One network episode can easily consume 1GB of data.


If Telus doesn't provide internet and tv services to your address you don't have many options.


@DebL  We are customers only here. Do have telus internet now you need it to get optic tv. Go to top of this page to  shop  and find internet  and enter your address and they will tell you if you can internet and optic.