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Remote Record?


What is remote record and how do I set it up?


Helpful Neighbour

Remote Record is a new Optik TV feature that allows clients to manage their PVR while away from home, using any internet-enabled computer or a supported Smartphone.


Follow the steps below & never miss your favorite program again:


STAGE 1) On any of your TELUS TV set-top boxes:
A)  Using the TELUS Remote, select Menu>Settings>Optik TV Account.
B)  Choose "Create account" and enter a valid email address as prompted.
E)  A confirmation code will be sent to the email address you provided with instructions on how to complete the registration process from the Web or your supported Smartphone.
There are instructions on how to create an Optik TV account online here: https://


STAGE 2) On a computer connected to the internet:
A)  Visit: https://
Please note: you may need to download and install the "Microsoft Silverlight" plug-in for your browser (if you do need to install the plug-in, make sure to restart your browser and revisit Remote Recording).
B)  Click "Register now! >" green link near the top of the page. Enter your email address and the confirmation code that you got in your email.
C)  Create a password & select security question.
E)  Select the green REGISTER button. You will now be logged into your PVR and can view your TV Listings as well as manage your recordings online.

Detailed instructions for setting up your OPTIK Remote Recording are available online here:https://