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Re: Why can't I subscribe to CNN?

Friendly Neighbour

Is it just me or does anyone else resent having part of your TV bill go to Fox News as a result of it being packaged with actual news channels.  The name Fox News is truly  an oxymoron.  The offer propaganda disguised as news and I believe they do a lot of harm.   Perhaps one suggestion on this site is a good one.  I could subscribe to CNN through the APP on my android tablet, my problem eith that would be losing MSNBC and HLN.



I do understand your reluctance to fund what could be considered to be the "real fake news". It would be nice if individual channels were available at reasonable cost, FOX News can best be categorized as a comedy show lumped in with some news channels. I don't subscribe to the news pack but do stream FOX news and CNN every now and then. 


Fox is propaganda and fake news, but you watch CNN and MSNBC? So you like propaganda and fake news. Let me guess, you thought The Daily Show was real news. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! 


I resented having to pay for CBC on basic cable, and that's why I don't own a TV anymore.

Friendly Neighbour

Hey - I really miss John Stewart too.  As to the rest - I think caution must be exercised when watching any "opinion" shows.  For example "The Last Word" on MSNBC.  I think that type of show leans to watching as it may confirm your own bias. Perhaps this reveals my own bias, as I at times do watch "Last Word" while I have removed Fox News in my Optik TV guide. I do wish, people like CNN and MSNBC had to label their shows as to what is news and what is opinion,.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@wolf927 wrote:

 I do wish, people like CNN and MSNBC had to label their shows as to what is news and what is opinion,.

Arguably, it is all opinion. Every news organization slants the news to satisfy their perceived audience. One of the reasons critical thinkers subscribe to a number of feeds!


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As noted by @NFtoBC the key to being somewhat informed, is to get a well rounded perspective, albeit shaped/slanted towards their audience, by watching as many different news feeds as you can. 


Drop the News package and subscribe to CNN for 5 bucks and save 2 bucks.