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As a committed fan of the Montreal Canadiens and confirmed 'sportaholic', I have ordered your 'divertissement' package with my start-up subscription to Telus Optik.   However, I am disappointed to learn that NO ONE in the Telus Optiok service organization seems to be aware that (very much like TSN in English) RDS actually functions as a tamdem of channels, which also includes RDS2.


In the manner of TSN and ESPN, the part owner of both of these channels, RDS and RDS2 are used in a complementary fashion to televise multi-event activities, such as tennis tournaments, and/or as a complement, when events run overtime and/or conflict with another scheduled event.   Thus, an event carried on RDS may be switched to RDS2 in mid-stream, or vice-versa.


This situation is bound to become more prevalent in the very near future as RDS recently signed twelve year contreacts with the Canadiens and with the Ottawa Senators to televise approximately 75% of the games of each team.   Granted that these telecasts are in the French language, but that is no inconvenience to a committed fan.

Even more to the point, as I have found during the past two years, RDS has by far the best team of hockey analysts in the industry -- easily!


I would strongly urge you to look into and to consider forming a package for Telus viewers of RDS and RDS2.  This would be a much more useful package than your present package of RDS and RDS info, as the latter only carries news rather than actual sporting events!


Looking forward to your response and/or the reactions of others!


Community Power User
Community Power User

This would be a great suggestion for the Ideas section, or as @Hippo says:

"Feel free to send an email to: to add your suggestion!"

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