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Programming Series


I can program single episodes of a program but cannot program a series..A message on top of screen says that it has been programmed, but it does not give me the red dots designated as series beside the program in the guide nor does it show up in the list of scehduled programs and it is not recorded  I only have used 55% of the storage.


I have 4 series programmed previously that still run.  Is there a limitation on the number of series I can record????  Space is no problem as most of the programs in weekly episodes are watched and deleted before the next week.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi there. Can you specify by chance what program it is, as there are certain programs that cannot be recorded as a series. Thanks!

It happens on any program. I know I cannot record on channels I dont subscribe. 


Anthony Bourdain No Reservations on Travel & Escape is an example for a subscribed channel.

How are you setting the series recording? Through the Info->Record Series menu or are you pressing the record button twice in the guide?

Have you tried a system restart?

It has been resolved without me doing a thing! 


In reply to your Q, I use the Guide for a future time and press the OK button on the program I want to record; this gives me a menu that includes Record Series.

Note that you can also set a series recording by pressing the Record button on the remote with your program selected in the guide or search results. After seeing the red dot for the episode recording press the Record button again to set the series recording. It's a bit slow to respond sometimes so don't keep pressing the button if you don't immediately see the red dot(s).

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

That's true xray, it can take a moment or two to communicate the recording to the PVR itself. Overall, definitely a very odd set of circumstances that it just started working again. But perhaps there was more of a delay. If the issues continue, please let the community know. : )