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Pixilated TV

Just Moved In

Cannot fix our optic TV from freezing and pixilation issues.   I have reset the router and TV many times, which worked in the past.  I'm getting very cranky!  Help!!!



What gateway do you have? t1200h?

Short version: If you have coax cable and ethernet connected , there is a glitch, need to change it to all ethernet only.

long version:

I just went through this so might be same issue.

I have the actiontek t1200h gateway, when my tv was setup we ran the pvr using coax cable and then connected the wireless to ethernet. I had all kinds of pixelation issues, freezing if i downloaded stuff on computer etc.with the wireless boxes. pvr connected through coax was perfect.

So i decided to swap a wireless box to wired to see if it fixed problem, it didn't still getting issues. (so it wasn't wireless)

Then my installer saved the day,they had been updated that some people were having issues when using coax and ethernet on this new gateway. Changed the coax connection to the pvr to an ethernet cable so all connections are ehernet and not using coax at all. I works perfect now.

Just Moved In

I've switches out all connections with HDMI. Certain channels pixilate but not all. I've had this 'new' system for almost 2 years switching for Shaw. I deal with computer and logistics issues at work all day. I want to come home, turn on the TV and relax. Is this too much to ask? I pay good money for these services. 

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Community Power User

Is it one box or multiple? Have you contacted tech support? They can identify if there are errors on the box/connection really easily. As can a field tech that comes to your house if they think it's a hardware issue. You just need a tech support rep that will look. Took me 3 tries last time and one finally checked and confirmed there were major errors on it. Finally got a tech out to replace things. My box pixelated badly if more than one HD stream was in use.

Common causes of pixelation:

- Bad modem - multiple / all boxes affected

- Bad ethernet switch (cause of my issue)

- Connection problems - usually all channels imapacted but my not be constant

- Errors on the box / software - can be some or all channels

- Coax connection between modem and box.

- Gremlins.

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Thanks. I really think it's Gremlins given I've had tech support come over before. I'll give it a try again.
Many thanks for your reply!

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