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PVR playback problems

Just Moved In
Hi, we have the optik tv services and on one tv for some reason when i go to watch a recording it plays for a few seconds then freezes then plays for a few seconds and then freezes. It does this non-stop. We have tried switching out the boxes but it is still happening. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Is it just playback of recordings or do you experience the issue watching live as well?

Do you have other STB's? If so do you also experience the problem playing back the recordings from the PVR?

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Any extra information would be helpful, as the previous poster mentioned. In these cases it could be an issue with dataflow between the digital box and the modem. So typically, especially if only one is affected, this might  be cabling (coaxial or ethernet cat5). Especially in the event any of it is damaged or there is a splitter involved in the setup. In any case, for these types of issues, information is key. : )

Just Moved In

We have the same issue.  A Telus tech reset our STBs and that seemed to help for a couple of days but it's doing it again now.  Very frustrating.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The one trouble with replying to year old topics, where the original poster never replied, is while the problem may appear similar, the cause could be quite different. Resetting the PVR (assuming they did a full one) usually has little if any impact on pixelation or freezing.

Please answer the following questions to better obtain help:

  • Does it happen when you watch live TV? If yes, HD channels only or does it happen on all channels including SD ones?
  • Does it affect all recordings?
  • Did an actual repair tech came to your house and reset the box? Or were you talking to a technical support person over the phone?
  • How did they do the reset? Did they have you holding buttons on the PVR? Did you see a gear/gears on the TV screen during the reset?
  • Which PVR do you have? (The model # is under the power button on the front)
  • How is it connected to the modem? (Coax, ethernet)
  • Is there anything connected between the PVR and the modem itself? Like a network switch for example?
  • Which modem do you have?

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