PVR not always recording scheduled shows


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My PVR seems to have something out for certain shows.  For example, it won't record Sons of Anarchy for love nor money.  I've tried to record it on two separate channels (both of which we have) but it won't record.  It will record other shows on those channels.  When I check it says that series record is set up (any day, any time, re-run and new.)  I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be working!  

When you view the recording settings check the number of shows scheduled. Does it say zero?

Is it possible that you already have those episodes recorded?

Similar to: A post a couple of days past on the Telus Twitter feed. Programming error for the show 'Falling Skies' , as it was classified as a 'repeat' instead of new, so the PVR ignored request to record.


The twitter stream is not consecutive, so a patchwork.




@NermalTheHun Good morning. From the post, clearly see an issue we can look in to and fix for future episodes. Our pvr system does require the show to have a "flag' setup to show it being a new show and to record. That flag is not setup properly for all shows and we are requesting when this occurs, to message us to ensure we get this corrected. A suggestion for shows you do not ever want to miss, is to ensure not only the new shows are checked, but re runs on specific days. If a flag is missed, it will still be recorded. Adds to more deleting, but never miss a show. I have forwarded the series being damaged to our network team and we will ensure next years season of Falling Skies will be setup correctly. If you can DM us, I have a suggestion that will help you now and in future.





You have already done the fixes shown in these quoted Twitter posts.

Instead of pointing at show and click ok to record at hopeful time, create a timed event for the channel when it runs.



Check if Telus has a 'on demand' to watch the show when you get the chance.


The modern pain with Cable TV signals are the flags in the show's signal. Those flags control being recordable and other things. Even a  PVR reboot can correct an irregularity thats comes along.