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PVR Playback Freezes

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During playback of a variety of shows, from differing channels, the playing back of recorded media will stop / pause all by itself. It may remain paused for only a few seconds, and we'll miss virtually nothing. Or, it could pause for 10 - 15 seconds or longer and we may miss a "chunk" of the recording as it will restart sometime ahead of where it paused itself.

It may only happen once, but more likely than not, it will continue until we've missed too much of the show to continue bothering to watch.

It happens on the PVR unit itself, and on both of our wireless units. From the frozen position, we may rewind or fast forward thru the recording. However, no matter how many times we may try to realign our viewing to the pause spot, it will always stop in the same spot and jump ahead at will after said pause.


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Do you get similar breaks when watching live TV? The issue you describe could be due to poor signal input quality, instead of a problem with the playback or PVR HDD. 


Possibly time to get some technical troubleshooting completed. 


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No, there is no issue at all with any of our live tv feeds / signal.


Hey, I had the same issue with my box. 2 technicians came out and looked at it. The first guy fiddled around and left but didn't fix my problem. The second guy fiddled around but replaced the box which did fix the issue.


So I don't think it's anything you can fix on your end. Call in support!


This happened to me as well. Not sure if this applies to your situation, but I was told that if you've got a lot of programming saved on your PVR, it can slow playback. I was only at about 60% of my storage capacity(around 90 programs), which I didn't think was a lot, but apparently because they were all HD, it was enough to cause an issue. I deleted enough programs to keep me under 50%, and I haven't had a problem since. It's kinda crappy since they promise you a certain amount of storage, but in reality, you can't use all of it. At least in my case...

A year later and I am finding the same issue here.  I deleted a bunch of stuff earlier and then came here and read this.  My pvr storage is now at 37% and just underwent a reboot so I shall see if this helps the playback.

This is extremely annoying.  Dealing with Telus can be daunting and I really don't want to have to deal with them (they have been getting on my last nerve and I have loved them since '97 but the past few yrs have been aggravating me) 

@crystalab9305  what model is the PVR do you currently have? I had issues with older models (CIS-430 to ISB-7150 major performance issues the longer they ran without a reboot) A few issues with IPV6015 that went stable after a few updates. Have has zero issues with the 4K PVR.