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PVR Error

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I'm getting client initialization error



Same here. Guess it is a network issue.

The office closed an hour ago.

I'm getting the error too. Hope it isn't down long.



Looks like they are working on it.

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I am having the same issue. It was sluggish this evening, so I rebooted an hour ago. It has been stuck on the init screen each time I've tried. On a typical day, this is a 5 minute process with success.


Normally, I am "4" or less in the telus chat queue. Tonight, I am "164" so it must be a widespread issue.

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Count me in the annoyed and PVR-less group.

Yup me too. Did a PVR reset, now theres a Red X on my screen. Not sure what to do now, as theres a 45 min wait for cust service. 😞

Getting client initialization error - what does this mean?

Community Power User
Community Power User

@Breadfan a RED X on the screen is usually a bad thing. A hard reset is the last thing you should try. RED X usually means the box is dead. If there's a connectivity issue and a reboot doesn't help, call support before hard resetting the box. It'll save you a tech visit. There is a tiny chance that if the reset safely timed out that a reboot once the connection issue is fix, might allow it to complete the reset. 

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Rebooted several times absolutely nothing

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It started working about 2 hours or so ago, and no longer sluggish.

My is still down, what location are you?