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PVR Auto Switch Off

Just Moved In

Great frustration with the PVR. It does indeed auto shut off after 4 hours ... and I was told by a Telus Service Tech today that is 'normal.' Sounds counter intuitive to the purpose don't you think? 


It still will record your program even if its off. If thats your concerns.

Community Power User
Community Power User
It actually goes into 'standby' mode. Almost nothing electronic actually turns off these days. The device awaits the next command, be it from the remote, a timer, or an external update.
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It only shuts off after 4 hours if it doesn't receive any input from the remote. The 4 hour timer resets every time you press the remote. The chances of anyone watching TV and not using the remote in a 4 hour period is small.

It's a feature to save energy by turning off the display output. It's not the power on the PVR that it's saving, it's the power consumed by the TV. Most TV's will go into standby mode after a while if it senses there is no input signal. This is useful if you fall asleep watching TV or if you have kids that tend to turn on the TV and then go play somewhere else.

This has no impact on the PVR's ability to record shows as the previous posters already mentioned.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I'd like to add, you can have the Standby feature extended to turn off after 24 hours instead of 4. I know some people for example, who like to have it on for radio purposes or their pets at home. This feature however, as mentioned above, does not interrupt the PVR's capabilities whatsoever.

Friendly Neighbour

How do you set up the STB to power off after 24 hours? mine is set to 4 and I want to change it.

You would need to contact the technical support department directly, to have this feature changed to 24 hours.

You can contact them at 310-6988 or online at: 

They are available 24/ 7.