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Ordered a pack/channel from my tv and it is not showing up hours later?

I ordered a pack from the " manage my channels" feature. It said to wait 15 minutes. Well it has been 3 hours and I have reset my optik box twice and still nothing.
I tried to order it again and it says I have an order in process and to wait 15 mins and then call.
Well they are not open now.
I really wanted to start GOT tonight. It was my Saturday night plans lol ( sigh)

Anyone know if this is because they are closed? Will the order not go through until someone can manually put it through or something?
Which would be very stupid. What's the point of having this feature if that is the case

Community Power User
Community Power User

It should be automatic, but I seem to recall from the distant past that you could substitute channels or packages, but not always add them, especially if it meant a price increase.


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It did tell me the price increase. It seems the only option I have is to actually add channels. I can't find the " manage channel " area. I just went to the channel I wanted and an option came up to add it. Then showed the price and information.
Oh well, I'll wait till I can call tommorow. As I can't access my online account because of an entirely separate issue I have with Telus haha.
Thanks for your answer

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I am having the exact same experience...instead of binge watching GOT I'm wandering around all the pretty Telus web pages and Apps and feeling like I'd like to punch Telus right in the face. From all appearances on the order screen and their lame little video on Optik TV, I was expecting to place my order and then access the new channel. NOPE! They could have specified somewhere that you don't get the new channel right away, that you have to wait (who knows how long).  I'm not surprised really, that's Telus. They as corporate as a corporation can a pervasive sense; and they seem to have no understanding or insight into why their customers get upset.  If I had the energy I would switch to Shaw or something ...anything but Telus. 

I have never had a problem changing packages, adding or subtracting channels and packages through Managing My Channels on My Account  Changes always have one through well within the 15 Edmonton.

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I’m having the same problem, I purchased a new pack almost 48 hours ago and I still don’t have it and my show is coming on in a few days and I’ll be furious if I miss it. Have you figured out your problem? What did you do?