OptikTV and poor wireless strength


OptikTV and poor wireless strength

I would like to place a TV and the Telus HD wireless receiver upstairs but the T3200M is down in the basement and the wireless signal is quite weak upstairs.  What options do I have to increase the wireless signal for the OptikTV?  I can't move the T3200M and there isn't any ethernet cabling available upstairs.  I do have the Boost wifi system but have read that it can't carry the Optik signal.  Thanks.


I've had great success with powerline network/wireless extenders. I'm in a concrete 1400sqft condo and wired is not an option. I've currently got 4 powerline modules throughout my home with one wireless extender and couldn't be happier.


Do you have a coax (cable) outlet near the upstairs location of the Optik box? If so you can ask TELUS to install a MoCA adapter to connect it over coax.