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Optik vs Satellite TV

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Does anybody know if or when Telus is gonna upgrade the their satellite tv package to include the same features as optik tv? For example all the Canadian media apps/channels like Global, CTV, and the WWE network and that's just a few of the MANY media related items you cant access because Telus won't include or upgrade their system so that satellite users can benefit as well. The worst part is the satellite package isnt actually cheap so not only do they overcharge for the mediocre selection, you can't access most if not all the media products out there. And before anyone says just switch to optik dont you think i would if it was a possibility? Ive been using satellite for about 5 years still hoping they will make changes but i honestly dont think they ever will so maybe its time to switch to any other company that all packages include that. I recommend anybody who reads this either do the same and leave or comment/ask about this issue and demand they change things til they no longer have the choice but to do it.

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Forgot about the optik app which should also be able to access on the go

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Community Power User

Telus stopped selling satellite service years ago (rebranded bell). Those who have Telus satellite are grandfathered in. 

The login to various channels apps has been brought up many times. The answer is simple. Bell refuses to let Telus satellite customers use their login for the “apps” to watch live channels you already subscribe to.


While it’s not fair or right Telus has no control over it. Perhaps you can complain to the CRTC. Bell seems quite content not to allow access.

As for the Optik App it’s available to customers that subscribe to Optik TV only. It’s the same with any company with their own live tv app.




As mentioned, TELUS satellite is actually Bell just sold under the TELUS name and they do not offer it any more so why would they update or invest further in making changes? People using satellite are a captive audience, basically using satellite because thy have no other options. You may have noticed that satellite, once popular, is no longer so much and has applicability really only in the rural communities. You are not likely to get much better with another service. Shaw Direct, for example, continually increases its prices while dropping channels and not adding new ones.