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Optik tv and vpn


I am in puerto Vallarta 

been using expressvu vpn to access Optik tv for the last two months with no problems 

now when I click on program I want to watch get message 


this content is not available in your location 

if vpn/proxy server is enabled please disable and try again 


it’s like it does not recognize my vpn ip address

everything seems fine with expressvu


has Optik tv blocked the use of vpns




TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi There, TELUS only has content distribution rights in Canada. At the direction of our content providers, we have blocked the use of VPNs. Please see Features, requirements and restrictions at

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Just another friendly ripoff from the friendly folks at Telus. Shame on all of them.



I would like to know how this is being done. It must go beyond Telus. VPN has always been a way to pretend to be somewhere you are not. To be able to know that is what you are doing means VPN is obsolete or our right to privacy is violated. If Telus can see where you really are then how is our browsing protected.


A search of the net finds that AI is harvesting IP addresses and extrapolating possible VPN servers and then blocked those IP addresses going to (in this case) Telus. That is how they are able to block VPN. Sell your VPN stocks.

Yes, it now means that a VPN  to watch my "paid for subscription" is now obsolete and completely useless for me anywhere outside of Canada. So, what do I want or need Telus for anymore then?? I am going to have to look for another provider once I get back home if this does not get resolved...this is ridiculous in this new world.

Agreed! Whats' the point of paying of paying for a service that you can't watch anywhere anytime.

We'll definitely be looking for other options. If anyone has any good ideas please post them.


Community Power User
Community Power User

As another user has said, Shaw/Rogers is blocking access as well so this isn't just a Telus issue. The broadcasters are growing ever more vigilant when it comes to blocking paying subscribers from using the services in ways that the broadcasters do not like. Especially Bell. It would not surprise me in the least if Bell was behind requiring Telus/Shaw to block VPN users. There are posts out there from Shaw users in Mexico having the same complaints as others in this discussion.


Testing with NordVPN:

  • SportsNet (Rogers) is not blocking VPNs.
  • Global TV (app) doesn't appear to be blocking VPN users.
  • CBC / CBC Gem doesn't appear to be blocking VPN users.
  • A&E app doesn't appear to be blocking VPN users.
  • Crunchyroll (anime streaming) doesn't appear to be blocking VPN users.
  • Netflix is blocking some VPNs but not all.
  • Prime Video is intermittently blocking VPN users.
  • Crave (Bell) is blocking VPNs.
  • CTV (Bell) is blocking VPNs.
  • TSN (Bell) is blocking VPNs.
  • Discovery+ Canada (Bell) is blocking VPNs.

Most other apps for specific channels that I've tried don't seem to be blocking VPN users either. Users should just try streaming on demand from the individual channel apps that aren't blocking VPNs currently. Just avoid anything owned or operated by Bell Canada.


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I too am in Mexico.  This is highly unfair and disappointing.  Why should we not be able to access our fully paid Telus services while using a Canadian VPN?  Please sort this out soon and stop messing with our hockey.  

VPN to  a Canadian City, Go directly to or, using the email registered to your TELUS account and choosing TELUS as your provider, then you can watch all live TV 

Friendly Neighbour
Sportsnet yes!! TSN , no 🙁.
It doesn’t work here using a Canadian city VPN. Every other provider, Global, CBC works. Just not TSN !!!
If you want to watch the Scottie’s Tournament you have to go to You Tube to watch it live .

Sent from my iPhone

Thanks Sun1!! This worked on my iPhone and I can mirror the sound to the TV but can’t get the picture. Didn’t have this problem prior to them blocking the VPNs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

AWESOME! Thank you my man!!!

Lamber, did you delete your first post here.

And who are you replying to? can do that piece by piece. I am paying for 125+ channels that I cannot see, that I am paying for. I don't want to have 50 bookmarks to log in to. We have lost the ability to record programs to our PVR. We have lost our guide that lets us easily view what is upcoming. 

Yes.... I am not abusing anything here, just want to follow my hockey team well down here...get this resolved, quickly!

Just Moved In

I guess I have one fewer reason to stay with Telus when I get home.  Or anyone for that matter.  I paid for this service and I watch the Canadian ads. Why cut me off?


VPN has forever been a way to spoof your location. The fact that Telus and others are able to tell you are not where you pretend to be means VPN services are leaking information. Maybe, maybe not.

Being in Canada, cannot test this.

Check your app permission for location Google, turn that off. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

Location settings on the phone won't fix it. It's the IP addresses of the VPN servers themselves that are being blocked. The servers typically have static IPs so it's not hard for the various streaming platforms out there to identify and block them.


Also being in Canada, it's easy to test. Fire up a VPN and try. I was able to replicate the issues while in Canada and using a VPN. Even with location services enabled on your device, you'll still be blocked.

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I turned on VPN and I am watching TV. Which channel shall I use for your test as I have now tried 10 or more seamlessly switching between channels. I have location off on the puter

Community Power User
Community Power User

No idea. When I have NordVPN on and choose random Canadian VPNs, I get blocked on all the ones I've tried so far. At least on my phone. Haven't tried on the computer yet. Will have to check later.

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What?????? They don't block VPN in Canada?????


Was not planning this but still watching a show I got interested in. Maybe NordVPN is in on it. But have you tried turning off location in your phone, then restarting it to clear memory?