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Optik on the go Partners

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Your television service provider is not yet a CTV GO partner. The good news is, CTV GO is available to all providers, so check back soon to see if they have chosen to offer CTV GO.

To help speed up the process, contact your provider to encourage them to partner with CTV GO.


I receive this messae when I tried to sign into CTV to watch an episode of a show that I had missed.  They now view through Bell only and have suggested we contact you to add as a provider.


Community Power User
Community Power User

CTV GO is run by Bell. They will (and are) doing everything possible to delay other carriers from gaining access to the service. You really think Telus hasn't contacted them? There is a reason the message you got said it was BELL ONLY. It's been that way since it was unveiled and will be that way for some time to come as Bell doesn't play nice usually.

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Is your  show in your Optik VideoOnDemand?

Also can be known as show-catch -up.


How to order
To order an On Demand channel, subscribe to the Theme pack that contains it.
Existing customers: Manage my channels
To watch on your TV press the On Demand or Video On Demand button on your remote and navigate through the menu to 'TV on Demand'



I'd not trust CTV or Global with the 'OnDemand' at their websites.

The last time I went there, They want you to log in with your Telus/Bell/Rogers/Shaw credentials, yet they don't redirect you to your providers page for encrypted login.  Bad security practises for the end user and who knows if you gave your personal login credentials to CTV/Global.


For some reason tonight, No need to log in, to see anything.

I am using Google DNS servers numbers.


The CTV  'live' section wants me to enable third party cookies(usually bad ad trackers).


All this 'Go' stuff is to track people better, for sale to third parties. Scrape a few more bucks off the end user who is tired of high Cable TV prices and have gone to Internet TV only.