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Optik has deleted saved messages

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I record several shows, ones that I've enjoyed previous years, and some of the newer ones. Last weekend 5 of the series I enjoy have disappeared from my digital box. I hadn't watched any of them as I was watching the new series. Some of the series aren't even available through On Demand. My PVR isn't close to capacity so there is no reason for the system to have deleted the shows. 


This is same thing happened to me last year, and I lost three seasons. This is annoying. What can be done to get these back to me?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've no solution, but a suggestion. Might the series be available for purchase, and available to you that way?  That might be a work-around to the current dilemma.

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Community Power User

There is also a possibility of the broadcaster requesting them be removed. Once something is pulled from the PVR it cannot be restored. Telus doesn't store them on their end. All recordings are on the PVR itself. If the show ever airs again, it could be re-recorded.

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