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Optik box upgrades? "On now" guide style?

Just Moved In

Why put a channel on showing all the new features when it isn't even available on our boxes yet?

Way to confuse people Telus!

Next time try rolling out the box updates first and then notify people they have new options! I'm betting this is causing call volumes to your customer service number to go up, thus costing Telus more money, thus giving them reason to raise rates. Way to go!


Community Power User
Community Power User

There's already an existing topic for this. You can find it here.

Your logic about raising rates is flawed. There are ways Telus can mitigate any costs associated with the confusion of a relatively small number of individuals.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

I highly doubt anyone notices or cares about the improved search function. I never use it and i doubt many others do either..

Helpful Neighbour

I didn't use Search either, until the new TV season started and I discovered that most of my series recordings from last year were gone thanks to the glitch referenced here. So yes, now I do care and I hope glitches like this are fixed with the update.