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Optik TV

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Any way to get Optik TV in my area. I live in Charleswood in Calgary. Inner city neighborhood. Trying for years. Only satellite TV. I can't get an Optik TV account because the internet is too slow. 6 is my speed. No live streaming any shows. They keep saying upgrades are coming. Waiting for at least

 8 years now. Seems like a joke when I see what options are available to some people. Is Shaw my only answer. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

There won't be any upgrades to the existing copper network, but from a few random addresses I've tried from Charleswood on the Pure Fibre page, it looks like fibre may be in place for some of the neighborhood and Telus would need a homeowner's permission to run the line to the house. After putting in the address I see:




If your house has aerial phone lines, it's possible the aerial fibre may already be in place but without the line run to the house. Try putting in your address on the Pure Fibre website and see what comes up. If you see the same above message there will be three buttons below it to choose your type of residence for the next step.

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The city of Calgary finally decided to let Telus start the fibre conversion after years of their council and mayor making excuses to delay or deny it. It looks like your neighborhood is mostly aerial cable instead of buried underground which is good. Aerial neighborhoods tend to be the first to get Fibre as it is cheaper and faster to deploy aerial.