Optik TV


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I just found out that Optik TV is not available in my area and the moving specialist could not tell me when it would be available.

This is so disappointing as I have had Telus for over 20 years and love the products, service etc.

I know that satellite tv is an option, but it is limited and more expensive - I prefer Optik TV hands down.


I was also in line for a gift since I have been a long time customer, pay my bills on time etc....so now won't be getting that.


Can you please let me know when I can expect tv in my area - it is Nanaimo - Mariposa Drive.






We wouldn't be able to provide a specific time on when TV will be available in your area. We are always working to expand and grow our network and hope to have it available in the future. Once Optik TV is available in your area, you will receive a call or letter advising you of the services. Thanks!