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Optik TV


I have had many, many techs come to my house, including a rushman. All my equipment has been replaced. I still have my Optik freezing and pixelating.  It will then unfreeze and jump forward so I miss portions of the show. This is especially frustrating if I have invested in a movie? It happens at minimum once a day.


Any ideas?   i would not like to leave Telus.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

That's definitely not a fun situation to be in. I assume wiring has already been re-run throughout the household? Beyond that the only thing I could recommend is to have another technician out. There has to be another option or something they haven't tried to get things back up and running consistently and properly.

Are STB's connected by coax or ethernet cable?

Do you have more than one STB? If so are you experiencing the issue on all of them?

Did the rushman look at the connection to the house?

CPU Alum
CPU Alum
Do record some video of these bad pixelations to show the repair folks. Hopefully this will better illustrate what problems you have.

I did that, but I was told they don't know why it happens.



Each time I phone I am told-"we don't see any connection issues" or "you have issues with your connection constantly dropping."


 "It shouldn't happen" was one answer. "The supplied equipment is sub par" was another.



Mine did that when I first got it , turned out the modem didnt take the firmware update ( tech said its a bonded connection ) so I assume only one side took the update , the other didnt. He came back and forced a update and been fine since.