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Just Moved In

I'm a new Telus customer and am hugely disappointed with Optik TV.  It is clumsy, awkward, poorly set up.  As a Shaw client, I looked forward to turning on the TV.  Now with Optik TV, I dread turning it on and am missing favourite programs as a result. 

It seems that the TV onscreen set up and the remote were developed by someone who doesn't watch TV.  That was the case with the Telus technician (didn't watch TV, didn't have one) who was sent to set up my TV because the 'easy self-installation instructions" and an hour on the phone with a Telus support person failed.  Most of the onscreen and remote features are poorly conceived, poorly labelled, clumsy to navigate.

The jumble of images and information onscreen when the TV is turned on is annoying, unhelpful and takes several buttons to remove.  I don't want nuisance movie adverts in my face when I turn on the TV and have to take time to awkwardly remove them, requiring several poorly labelled buttons on the remote.  If I want to watch a movie on TV, I'll look for one to watch.  

Everything that one does with a TV - watch live TV, record a program, delete a recorded program, etc. - requires several buttons on the remote.  I have a list of specific deficiencies that I could enumerate.

I'd love to hear of any ways that others have found to improve Optik TV operation.  I can be more specific with problems, if needed.   




Sounds like a common theme on here about the new Optik equipment. I’m still on the old box that works perfectly. Don’t know how long you have been with Telus but you have 30 days to cancel.

Sometimes Telus employees show up here and may be able to help, it seems that there are some shortcuts on the remote to speed things up, but there is a lack of documentation about them. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear that! We definitely hear you and I can assure you that our Optik team is working tirelessly to improve the experience as much as possible. If there are any specific issues as you mentioned, feel free to mention them and we'll see if we can get you some solutions!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @HelenD thank you for your feedback. Being around the neighbourhood, I am getting similar sentiments from other users. The TV Product team is aware that there may be an information gap and we're working on making information more transparent and available. 


If you are looking for a quick way to get rid of the home screen, long press the "back/return" button on the remote.

For quick access to your recording, long press the "rec" button on remote. 


I also recommend the following support articles in case you haven't gone through them:

How to use the TELUS TV+ app

Using and navigating your TELUS TV+ experience

TELUS TV Digital Box Remote


Furthermore, if you have specific deficiencies that you would like to elaborate, I will try to funnel it to our development team. Thank you!