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Optik TV iOS App and Guide Filters


I have a questions about the latest update to the iOS Optik TV app. Has anyone else noticed that when you set the Guide filters in the app to "Filter By"-> My subscribed channels, and then quite the app and start it again the Guide Filters default back to the "Playable on this device" option. 


This is such a pain in the butt as its unnecessary. Its a step that users have to go through every time they use the app as not every subscribed channel is available to stream on a device and therefore are left out of the Guide. 


Perhaps a better option would be to have it default to My subscribed channels and if you plan on watching a show on your phone then you can choose to filter the channels by those that will stream. 


Please make the change. thanks. 




Community Power User
Community Power User

It likely changed to "Playable on this device" in the latest release because for the longest time it always defaulted to all channels. It's likely that enough people complained to make this default change a reality. 


What you are likely looking for Telus to do is to have the app remember your last setting choice. 

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You got that right!




Why do you need to see channels you can't view on your iOS device? Is it so you can set recordings when away, or just want to browse guide?