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Optik TV fluctuating volume on Samsung TV

Friendly Neighbour

The volume on both my Samsung TVs fluctuates considerably when watching a program or recording.

It does not matter which channel or program I am watching.

Volume will suddenly increase or decrease in the middle of a program (not during commercials).

It will play at normal volume for some time, and then decrease for several minutes before suddenly returning to 'normal' levels again.

I have the older blacj slimline remotes and the remote is controlling the volume of the TV (TV mode LED lights upo when changing volume).

STB's are a Cisco 7150 & CIS330and audio is via HDMI cable to TV.

This was also happening using RCA audio and component video cables.

I've searched this forum and not found any related posts.


Community Power User
Community Power User

That is very unusual. I'm not experiencing anything like that with my Samsung TV (Cisco 7150, HDMI). Did this just start recently? Have you noticed any other issues besides the volume fluctuating? Any internet issues?

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This was ocurring at my home in Maple Ridge on DSL.

I am now on GPON on Vancouver Island (same STBs).

It has been ongoing for the last 6 months or so.

I am on Client Version 2.6.31666.828

Just Moved In
Might be a coding issue within your HDMI cable. Try another HDMI cable and then a different HDMI port and then if that doesn't work power cycle the configuration starting with the modem and then the PVR

This was also happening using RCA audio and component video cables.


I only started using HDMI on my main TV since I moved to GPON 2 weeks ago....

There are no internet issues & no video issues with pixelation or breakup when the audio levels change.

Mostly it will be OK for many hours and then occur 2 - 4 times in an hour on different channels.


Looks like I will open a trouble ticket on this one.

I already lost all my recordings when I moved, so getting a new STB at this time will not be a great loss.

Do you have an audio receiver you can run the audio through via the S/PDIF (optical out) and test if the issue persists. So we can eliminate the Televisions.

I assume you're not using a different surround sound setting profile on your tv for the sound. Which can make sounds louder and quieter.

I was using an AV receiver for sound via RCA out on the STB before and kept the volume on the TV at 0.

Even then the volume would intermittently decrease by more than half (subjectively) & increase a few minutes later.

This would seem to eliminate the TV(s) as the source of the issue.

As per earlier post, is the software version I'm running correct?



Software version is correct. Doesn't make much sense the audio fluctuates up and down when the source is constant. To be happening to both boxes seems odd.

I suggest calling into Telus for a service call. Defiantly not normal..

OK, I'm trying to do a factory reset on my slimeline remote so I can check the volume settings on the STB.

I suspect this might be the issue - volume on the STB is not set to 25.


However, I am unable to reset the either of the Slimeline 1 remotes as per this document:


When I hold down the options button the green LED does not flash after any amount of time.

When I release it and enter 1000, it just changes the channel.

If I change the mode to TV or Aux then the appropriate LED flashes twice after 3 seconds.


Is there another method to hard reset the remotes?


Nevermind, it seems that document is incorrect.

I found this helpful post which does work to reset the slimline1 remote.

I can now see & set the volume on my STB.

It was set to 25.