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Optik TV channels deleted and not replaced or compensated

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As someone else here posted: 

In the past year, we have seen the Optik Channel count go down, while our fees have increased.

It has been some time since TELUS announced any major changes to it programming. New channels use to arrive on a regular basis but are now a rarity.


I have not seen any improvements, additions of channels, or a decrease in price to compensate for the lost of channels in the past year. Don't just tell us the CRTC decides what channels are allowed here in Canada. Tell us how you are going to serve your consumers by offering a better product, or at least something comparable to what we were paying for prior to all these deletions.


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Community Power User

Telus does not delete channels on purpose. Many content providers are merely shuttering poor performing channels entirely or relaunching as a "new channel". If there is low viewership on X channel there is no advertising dollars being spent which means a station can't last on a subscription to a channel alone.


The latest revamp of channels are CTV Comedy Channel, CTV Sci-Fi Channel, CTV Drama Channel, and CTV Life Channel formerly The Comedy Network, Space, Bravo, and Gusto.


What channels do you want to see Telus carry, that is allowed in Canada? Keep in my the CRTC is the governing body to allow US networks into Canada if USA based only.


You can recommend a channel suggestion here. 


Telus cannot add channels that no longer exist. If you look at the CRTC list of channels approved for carriage in Canada, you would find few that are not offered on TelusTV (and any you might find are unlikely to be carried by any other TV provider in the same part of the country).


Telus has been improving service by adding 4K channels (there are currently about 10). See if you can find another provider that includes those. As for the number of channels, my Guide goes up to 9999. Of course there aren’t that many channels, but see if you can count them all. 


I suspect new conventional channels will become rare as more and more people switch to streaming services. 

I understand how the original poster feels, and they summed it up in their last paragraph. Improvement is relative - nice that some people appreciate 4K, but it makes no difference to others. I also think the quantity of channels is not necessarily a plus, for me it's quality. I need a small number of channels from 6 different theme packs. It's a given that prices are steadily increased, and for me personally, I haven't seen improvements for a long time that are of benefit. 

I wish they would label their theme packs logically, and leave the name in place, so if we want to change them we can figure out what we have, compared to what they have re-named them. Also, list the channels that are currently contained in the theme pack! They used to do this, and they stopped. If they provided that service to us again I would consider that an improvement.