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Optik TV annoyances

Just Moved In
Hi Everybody,

I’m looking to see if anyone has had some struggles switching from Shaws bluecurve tv. I also wanted to see if you have been able to find some workarounds.

I am having a hard time with the following:

1. No Netflix integration into search
2. No cloud allowing me to watch recordings on the app
3. The TV app is not as polished as Shaw
4. Voice control using google home isn’t as nice as the voice remote

I just switched a few days ago and am somewhat regretting this.

I do have to say the internet is awesome with Fiber.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who switched and how they overcame some of the things that Telus doesn’t have but Shaw does.

Thank you

I just switched from Shaw Direct to TELUS and I am annoyed but for different reasons as I do not rely much on apps. See my post “Radio Stations Not Working” as a big gripe. Radio worked flawlessly on Shaw Direct but the Telus service is useless and I’m not getting anywhere with them on this issue. I suppose that they are not going to tell you the flaws in their system when you are ready to subscribe but they should because otherwise they are misrepresenting the service. I also subscribed to Superstations but have just learned that most of those channels are included with Crave (also included in the current promo) but the rep didn’t bother to mention this at the time. I suppose the saving grace is that there is a free 30 day trial so I can just shelve the system within this time frame and move back to to tried and true (Shaw Direct). Also, I have not been able to link Google Home to Optik despite following the instructions on the Telus site. Can’t speak to Telus fibre for internet as it has not been installed in my area.

I’m glad to hear someone has similar feelings even though it’s for different reasons. 

I have to say voice control worked for me but it was so frustrating to use that it would have been better if it didn’t work as I got a headache just trying to get it to understand me. 

I ended up cancelling my service exactly 4 days after everything was installed as I didn’t have the patience to deal with it.


I wish I could have Shaw tv with Telus internet that would be the best setup.

There was no voice control with Shaw Direct TV. When the Telus tech was here, he mentioned Shaw voice control and that Telus did not have it. Hmm...found it strange when I saw the channel about Google voice control. Very telling...