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Optik TV and computer does not work on internet 25


I recently had Optik TV installed which was to be bundled with our internet and phone on a 2 year contract. Before installation was to proceed I clarified that the Optik TV would not impact the internet speed, as my son is a gamer. Telus confirmed that Optik TV would not impact the internet speed. After installation I found out this is not true. I had installed, two wireless TVs, one wired TV and a hard wired connection to my son's computer. The hard wired computer is on cat 5 wire. With one TV on, the internet speed drops to 20. With 2 TVs on the speed drops to 10. Makes no difference whether the wired or wireless TVs are used. For gaming, an internet speed of 10 does not work. After speaking with a technician on the phone, a second technician was sent to our house to correct the problem. His immediate response to the issue was that it can't be fixed without going to internet 50. We don't have access to internet 50 as we are in a townhouse complex. I don't understand why Telus would go through all this effort knowing that internet 25 won't work in our situation. The whole process has been a waste of time. Now all of Telus's equipment has to uninstalled, packed up and returned.