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Optik TV & WIFI

Just Moved In
I grew up with Shaw’s as our home TV and internet provider. I’ve had Telus for two years now and have yet to have a positive experience. Our TV is so choppy and slow when it is working, I’ve upgraded my phone to unlimited data due to our home wifi being unbearable. The support lines require you to take a day off work to get thru to them. I am so sick of paying so much every month for nothing. When Telus has fixed the problem it’s only been temporary. So extremely frustrated with there pathetic TV and internet.


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Based on your comments, it would see that the only solution would be for you to switch to Shaw. I have no issues with choppiness and my TV is way faster than it was with Shaw Direct. TELUS has a callback feature that I use when I phone.

Are you on fibre or DSL?  I switched to Telus from Shaw in the spring and having no issues on fibre.