Optik TV Wiring Requirements


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Good morning... I am scheduled to have Optik TV installed on Monday. I am a current Telus Satellite TV and High Speed Internet customer. The Satellite TV utilizes the current coax wiring in the house. As for the ADSL I currently have my own wireless router and the Telus Thompson ADSL modem.  I understand that the Optik TV install will require the installation of some new hardware and additional wiring to the PVR. The additional two HD tuners are wireless.

What hardware and wiring will Telus be installing in the house for the new Optik TV? Will they be installing an additional ADSL modem and wireless router? If so, where does the modem have to reside (where the Telus demarcs in the house, or anywhere there is an existing phone line)? I can get CAT6 Ethernet to the location that the PVR will reside so that is not an issue. Is there a diagram available for a common installation scenario? Thanks in advance.


It actually dependes on where you want the modem to be, sometimes it's in the basement, sometime in bedrooms or living rooms. I think it's best to connect the modem where you would like the PVR to be (so the connection between them will just be cat5/rj45); or you can utilize the coaxial connection too (modem to wall via coax; wall to PVR via coax). Since you mentioned you will also receive 2 wireless boxes, those will not need any cabling. Probably the modem should be placed in the middle of the house or somewhere near the wireless boxes so they will have better wireless connection. 


PS: Tech will install a gateway (modem and router in 1).


Thanks for the reply. I am assuming that the gateway is a wireless one since the wireless tuners need access to the network that the PVR is on correct?

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You do not have to use their modem/router, you can set it to bridge mode and use your router. it will still work as a modem just pass the signal to your wireless router instead. this would work well especially if you have a newer Ac router like an airport extreme etc. that will have a way better range / signal especially if you run it with cat6


I think the wireless tuners require a seperate wireless access point that plugs in to the dsl router that you get from telus for wired optiktv.  I read that their reasoning for this is to minimize wireless traffic that would affect your tvs if you had other devices connected and using the inet as well such as laptops or phones.

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Nope.... just had the wireless cable boxes installed a few weeks ago....  I too had a similar concern.


The Access point plugs into the router.  I get the full 25Mbps on my laptop wifi if I'm in the same room as the modem/router free of interference.  I think Telus actually installs a governor to ensure I'm not getting more speed than the package I paid for.   I think there's an even faster package available for the same equipment. The only thing that slows down my internet...

  • if I move the laptop to a location of weak wifi
  • if my other devices are streaming video

My TV's work great with the wireless cable boxes.  I just wish my laptop could tap into the wireless cable boxes and take advantage of the bandwidth.